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Elementary News 2-14-21

Posted Date: 02/14/2021

Elementary News 2-14-21

Elementary Remote Info:

Teachers have been working on assignments that will have students reflect on content they have already learned this year. There will not be videos to access over new material.
Assignments will be posted in Google Classrooms and on class FB pages. Students will need to be able to view the assignment and then complete it on notebook paper. The assignments will be turned in when they return to campus.

They may use a parents phone or older siblings device to view the assignments. They will not be required to turn in anything digitally as we are aware some do not have internet access at their homes.

Please email your students Homeroom teacher with any further questions.

We do not want this to be stressful for our families but want to make sure students are keeping the material fresh on their brains for a smooth transition back into the classroom later this week.

Thank you!
Mrs. Wright

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