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Advanced Animal Science students

Welcome to my Advanced Animal Science online website!!

I just wanted to let each one of you know I miss seeing all of you and hope to see you all very soon!! Hope you are doing well!!

  1. I have provided educational websites below and I just want you to take time to refersh your memory bank over what we have already learned! These websites are here for you to only browse in your free time!
  2. I created a google classroom for you to access powerpoints we have already went over in class. This google classroom will allow us to communicate our assignments better! Google classrom invites have already been sent out by me so check your school email for an invite!
  3. I also want you to do some research on the Coronavirus Pandemic that is going on right now. How is the affecting Italy? How is affecting the US? When do you think will we come out of quarantine? What do you think about social distancing? What is your opinion on this current worldy issue? I am interested to see what your take is on this issue!! You can submit your response through google classroom!
  4. Your assignments will now come straight from google classroom! Please check your google classroom and complete your weekly assignments!!
  5. What is due every week? (1 powerpoint assignment – submitted through google classroom)

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