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Angela Sancho


Week of May 4th 2020

May the Fourth Be With YOU! 


Newsletter for May 4th 2020

5th Grade – Beginning The Great Depression (1929-1933) 

Watch this video before working in IXL:  J5


6th Grade Primary and Secondary Sources 

Watch this video before working on IXL: GG1 




Fun Newsletter for 4/27/2020

Lessons for Week of April 27th 2020

All lessons posted in your Google Classroom

5th US Regions, States and Capital Cities 

IXL Lesson K 1-7 

6th Asia and Pacific Region

IXL Lessons Y, Z, AA 

Both classes can practice on 

Reminder: Weekly Zoom Meeting tomorrow 4/27/2020at 10:00 for 5th. 10:30 for 6th.

Links posted in Social Studies Google Classroom. 
Rules: *pick a spot  in your home and stay there. Stay  upright.
*Eat and use the restroom before the meet. 
* use listening ears and quiet voices
* be on time  
Have paper to take notes, you might need it!  






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