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Nikki Lytle

Important Parent Information Mrs. Lytle’s Class


Field Trips: 5th grade will take at least two field trips this year. Guidelines and expectations for all students to wear their field trip shirts that were sponsored by the community. If a student is assigned ISS two times OR five or more days, they will not be allowed to attend the field trip for that semester. This will start over each semester to give students a new chance to attend. 


Award Ceremonies: We will have 9 week awards for students who meet the requirements. Attached are the types of awards and the requirements. Not everyone will get awards. They have to work hard and try their best. 


Student Grades: Parents are able to login to see their students grades. Contact Mrs. Mannis in the office for login information.

Students will be able to make up daily assignments if it is below a 70, by request. 


Communication: My conference time is 11:10-11:55, email is We also have a facebook page and use to get information to parents. 




 Points: students will earn  Points, by showing kindness, manners, and good behavior.


Homework: I (Mrs. Lytle) do sometimes give homework. Do not panic, it is not much. I will give a spelling test every other week. Students will have time to study before class starts, and also during our study time. If they use their time wisely they probably will not have anything else for homework. It is always a great idea to have students reading 15-20 minutes a day. They have time at the end of the day to read or catch up on work. 


Behavior: I give students a verbal warning, but no more than three. I will contact parents if the student continues to repeat the bad behavior. Then if behavior does not stop they will be given an office referral. 









Nikki Lytle

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