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Thumbnail Image for Article 18707North Hopkins ISD Explores Improved School Safety Initiatives
Posted Date: 02/21/2018

North Hopkins ISD staff, adminisration and school board are exploring options to increase school safety for our school district. Our caring staff and diligent administrative team are working to improve safety procedures, crisis management practices and training, including active shooter planning in the event of a catostrophic incident like other schools have undergone recently.

As Superintendent, I am grateful for the teamwork of our Panther staff and team to do whatever it takes for the safety of every life in North Hopkins ISD. Furthermore, I am very pleased with our Hopkins County cooperative effort from law enforcement agencies and officials who desire safer schools and communities. As we speak, planning is underway for North Hopkins campuses, district, community, and safer Hopkins County schools. I anticipate the increased visibility and presence of Law Enforcement officials, increased trainings and safer facility measures to enhance our safe school to become an even safer school.

I’m asking everyone to join me in keeping the faith with a positive mindset of kindness, gentleness, patience, encouragement and good will towards others. As we work together with a shared, meaningful vision for safety and positive learning spaces, we can continue the blessed hope towards the continued safe learning experience that the North Hopkins Family has shared since the early 1900s. It will take everyone working together, every day to make this happen from the time we arrive at school until the last bus leaves to safely transport every child home in the evening. 

However, if anyone ever observes questionable or suspicious actions or behavior that might imply dangerous individuals or threatening slights towards our campuses, PLEASE proactively report your concern to the appropriate school administrator, counselor, or district as soon as possible. It is always disconcerning following so many catostrophic events that someone typically saw, heard, or noticed something that might have led to an individual’s violent actions or choices to endanger others. We often hear individuals say, “If I had only stepped forward and said something...”

If you or someone you know has information to share, please contact the appropriate administrator, counselor, or tip share email below:

Kodi Wright, Elementary Principal – kwright@northhopkins.net

Brian Lowe, Secondary Principal – blowe@northhopkins.net

Timmy Henderson, Assistant Principal – thenderson@northhopkins.net

Danna Lewis, Counselor – dlewis@northhopkins.net

OR, call 903-945-2192



Dr. Darin Jolly, Superintendent


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