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Thumbnail Image for Article 19073North Hopkins FFA Success at NETLA (North East Livestock Association) County Show
Posted Date: 02/28/2018

This past week was a super busy week for our FFA students who showed their animals in the NETLA (North East Texas Livestock Association) County Show. Our kids did an EXCELLENT job showcasing their animals! If you see these students, please congratulate them on their winnings!

North East Texas Livestock Show sale of champions results:

Showmanship Winners:

Steer Junior Showmanship - Kindal Shackelford

Lamb Senior Showmanship - Wyatt Wharton

Swine Junior Showmanship - Hadlee Hrabal

Reserve Champion Heifer - Jalyn Hrabal 

1st  place Steer - Tracey Shackelford

1st  place Steer - Kindal Shackelford

 2nd  place Steer - Rachel Stanley

Grand Champion Swine - Hadlee Hrabal 

Reserve Champion Swine  - Cade Kerby

2nd place Swine - Ashley Pace

1st & 2nd place Swine - Jalyn Hrabal

3rd place Swine - Madison Joslin

3rd place Swine - Kaitlyn Myers

1st place Swine - Kindal Shackelford


1st & 2nd place Lamb -  Wyatt Wharton

4th place place Lamb - Jessie Rivera


1st place Goat - Amy Sprague

1st place Goat - Kaitlyn Harness

5th place Goat - David James

5th place Goat - Jessica Hatley

5th place Goat - Sydney Bell

6th place Goat - Jesse Bearden 

6th place Goat - Jaylee Miller


5th place Poultry - Tate Myers

6th place Poultry - Brody Weathered

8th place Poultry - Faith Wheeler

9th place Poultry - Cadence Money

16th place Poultry - Rylan Sills

17th  place Poultry - Brady Dufrene

18th place Poultry - Brooklin Jordan

21st place Poultry - Breeanna Hicks

27th place Poultry - Savanna Nix

34th place Poultry - Liberty Weathered


We also want to recognize those we who participated in the livestock show:

Haley Timko - 6th place Swine

Liberty Weathered - 4th place Swine

Tate Myers - 4th place Swine

Johnny Smith - 4th place Swine

Brooklyn Jordan - 8th place Swine

Kinda Shackelford - 2nd place Swine

Tracey Shackelford - 3rd & 4th place Swine


Rachel Davidson -6th place Lamb

Tori Hamilton - 6th place Lamb


Cooper Adams - 8th place Goat

Wyatt Wharton - 5th place Goat

Kenna Lane - 6th place Goat

Rhett Vaughn - 7th place Goat

Emily Walter - 7th place Goat

Tylee Carpenter - 8th place Goat


Brennen Hicks - 38th place Poultry

Haley Timko - Poultry

Ashley Aguilar - Poultry participant

Connor O'Bryan - Poultry participant

Harley Vaughn - Poultry participant

Jaylee Miller - Poultry participant

Jeremy Joslin - Poultry participant

Kaitlyn Myers - Poultry participant

Lane Garrett - Poultry participant

Lindsey Faulks - Poultry participant

Madison Joslin - Poultry participant

Mariana Aguilar - Poultry participant

Mason Clements - Poultry participant

Ryker Nunley - Poultry participant

Also Rachel Stanley and Samuel Stanley were both selected to receive the Larry Spradling NETLA Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 each!

Thank You for your generous support,

Britney Bettes

North Hopkins ISD

Ag Science Instructor/FFA Advisor