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Thumbnail Image for Article 26437North Hopkins ISD Radio Tower Damage - CAUTION and Stay Clear
Posted Date: 10/31/2018

Please take caution by staying totally clear of our radio tower area behind North Hopkins ISD. Recently, a delivery truck accidently damaged our tower by running into a supporting guy wire. Please stay clear of this area until this temporary delimma is resolved. 

The said area of caution is prohibited as the tower is approximately 150’ in height and there are also power lines that are in close proximity to the tower that could be dangerous if the tower were to collapse within that radius. We have blocked off the rear access road that leads up to the tower area and we have also advised all staff and students of the this area of risk and everyone is clear of danger. We just want to get the word out to all parents and community members in order to assure safety to everyone as we stay clear of the tower area.

North Hopkins ISD has been advised that our tower is damaged beyond repair and a company will safely take the tower down as soon as weather conditions allow, subject to crane availability. More than likely this will occur over this weekend, or even sooner if weather and crane availability cooperate.

With our current rain and windy weather, there is risk that the tower could collapse with extreme winds, so I urgently implore everyone to stay clear of this area until this temporary delimma is resolved. Please feel free to call me at 903-945-2192 or email me at djolly@northhopkins.net if you have further questions, concerns, or would like additional information regarding this or any other district matter.

Dr. Darin Jolly

Superintendent of Schools

North Hopkins ISD Tower Damage