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Encouragement from Dr. Darin Jolly, Superintendent

Posted Date: 03/22/2020

Encouragement from Dr. Darin Jolly, Superintendent


We miss you so much during this time of closure. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I miss the daily routine of North Hopkins ISD. I especially miss the encouraging words from teachers that “we’re going to have a great day” every day! We know we have a great North Hopkins school, but our school will get even greater as we step up our contemporary efforts of communication and interaction with meal deliveries at home and distance learning...(whatever that looks like) during these days we cannot meet face to face. 

My heart most goes out to the Senior Class of 2020. It hurts that UIL paused baseball, softball, golf, and track seasons abrubtly, but I cannot imagine the turmoil and disappointment that our Seniors must be experiencing. Prom dresses, spring trips, and many other plans are just not happening right now and that is so frustrating. We will make every effort to return at some point for these events to the best of our abilities. Please, just stay healthy and try to keep your attitude as positive as possible without worring during this unprecedented time.

I still do my “gratitude walks” around our vacant school. I still enjoy walking down halls, into vacant classrooms, gyms, cafeteria, and my favorite spot is our court yard with our Panther, erected in memory of James Brice several years ago. I’m thankful to lead North Hopkins ISD, a district of dedicated administration, teachers, staff, and students. Today, I’m most thankful for our parents who are working so hard to take care of their families at home while working jobs to keep food on the table and honoring health percautions by federal, state, and local govenments (wash your hands) and maintaining social distancing. And toilet paper? Wow...our parents are the best! 

Parents, thanks for your patience as we seek opportunities for Distance Learning, but we’re most concerned with your safety, health, and nutrition. Please don’t hesitate to email questions, concerns, or requests to, or you can email me directly if you have specific needs or concerns that you’d like me to know specifically. Feel free to include your phone number if you’d like me to call you directly. We are here for you!

Keep watching our website and school Facebook page. Our amazing teachers are also making attempts to be in touch with you on a regular basis. Meanwhile, keep first things first: Stay healthy, be kind, patient, love your families, and keep your faith. 

Go Panthers!

Dr. Darin Jolly

903-945-2192 EXT 8011

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