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Elementary Art Students

Hello creative artisits!!🎨

I MISS YOU ALL very much and I can’t wait to see you soon!!

Welcome to my art page where you will find lots of creative things to do doing your time at home!! You can also find these same activites on my facebook page (Mrs. Bettes’ ART classes 2019-2020). Be sure to like this page!!!

Here are some things you can create!!


  1. Follow along Drawing with Mrs. Bettes!!! (Shamrock)

​             The link below is a video of myself demonstrating to you on how to draw a “Shamrock” or as we know it a four leaf clover!!! Check it    


          Mrs. Bettes follow along –    sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=i


  1. Art Choice Board fun!!!

​          The link below is an Art Choice Board! Each task you complete, color the square in with a crayon, marker, or pencil!! Try and fill up all 

           the squares!!!

          Art Choice Board – Preview attachment 20200331_135458.jpg20200331_135458.jpg2.4 MB


  1.  Follow along doodles and easy clay sculpture!!!

​           Here are some educational art websites that are fun and exciting!!**

      >Mo Willems is an illustrator who is doing lunch doodles live at noon each day! You can find the link here => https://www.kennedy-center.       org/education/mo-willems/

       >Here is a link to make your own homemade clay with very few ingredients:

       >There are tons of videos with directions on how to make various sculptures with clay. Parents, please be there to help your artist  navigate. Here are a few ideas:

       - Dinosaur =

       -Peacock =

       -Octopus = 

      >Advanced digital art making options! Sketch pad is very cool! Create your own digital art from scratch with this website. There are       options for text, clip art, shapes, etc. You can find the link here =>


  1. Paper Bag Villages!!!

​          Students I bet you are ready to go to a resturant, or grocery store, or somewhere other than your house!! So let’s create a paper bag  

           village of where you would like to go!! 

           Here is what you will need:

          * Brown paper bags

          * Paper scraps

          * Markers/Colors

          * Tape or glue

          * Your imagination

          You can create a house or a place you have missed visiting!!

          Click on the links below to see pictues of some paper bag villages!!!!!

          >>>Show me what you have made!!! Be an architect!! Be a contractor!!! Happy Building!!<<«

         Paper villages 1 –  Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586190072013.jpgFB_IMG_1586190072013.jpg109 KB

          Paper villages 2 – Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586190069882.jpgFB_IMG_1586190069882.jpg142 KB

          Paper villages 3 – Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586190074269.jpgFB_IMG_1586190074269.jpg109 KB


  1. Rock art painting!!!!

           **Grab some rocks or stones from outside and lets start painting!!!**


             Stone art is a fun and creative way to bring life to plain old rocks!!

             I found these pictures below on another cool art page and I wanted to share them with you!!

            I encourage each one of you to find a rock and bring it to life by painting it or you can just use markers!! I would love to see your

            awesome rocks!!   

            Happy creating!!!🌵🐞🎨❤

 Cactus – Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586231471574.jpgFB_IMG_1586231471574.jpg62 KB


 Strawberry – Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586231884814.jpgFB_IMG_1586231884814.jpg68 KB


Dragon fly – Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586231490923.jpgFB_IMG_1586231490923.jpg134 KB


Lady bugs – Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586231477372.jpgFB_IMG_1586231477372.jpg92 KB


Veggies – Preview attachment FB_IMG_1586231475351.jpgFB_IMG_1586231475351.jpg90 KB


Remember, I am here to provide support in any way that I can! Reach me at or on my classroom facebook page!  We are all working together to make the best of this situation, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! 


Creatively Yours,  Mrs. Bettes

   “A child’s artwork is not an adult’s. Sometimes you have to look closer to see the magic.”